Bridgeport, Connecticut

Off to the Northeast, hard hit by Irene last month, not needing anymore rain. I have bad news.

At 1159AM, ET, Bridgeport was reporting a temperature of 78 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. A cold front slicing through New England, and really the entire country, was triggering some showers and thunderstorms across the region, with some returns already showing up on radar from Poughkeepsie, New York to Allentown, Pennsylvania. This front is very strong with good jet dynamics associated with it, and as a result, thunderstorms this afternoon my get a little intense.
The heaviest rain is still well of to the west, in the Finger Lakes area, indicative of just where the front itself lies. The boundary’s future progression is going to be dictated by two tropical systems. The front has already latched onto Lee in it’s south, and will cause the front, as well as the rain associated with it, to stall across southern New England through the day and into the morning tomorrow. Hurricane Katia is not expected to make her landfall over the United States at any point, but by Wednesday, her influence will begin to drive the front back to the north. Rain, due to southerly flow and a surplus of available moisture will lead to more showers, though of a more isolated variety Wednesday evening.
Tomorrow – Rain, High 67, Low 62
Wednesday – Rain, though more sporadic in the afternoon, High 70, Low 61

TWC: Tomorrow – Rain likely. High 68*, Low 65
Wednesday – Thundershowers, High 71, Low 64

AW: Tomorrow – Cooler with rain High 66, Low 62
Wednesday – Cloudy and humid with a couple of showers High 70, Low 62

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall High 67, Low 63
Wednesday – A chance of showers. Cloudy High 72, Low 62

WB: Tomorrow – Showers…mainly in the morning. Locally heavy rainfall possible in the morning High 67, Low 63
Wednesday – Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers High 72, Low 62

The Weather Channel’s text and graphic didn’t line up, hence the asterisk. The text said a high of 70 Tomorrow. So, keep that in mind. Pretty gross forecast, and one that is only going to create greater problems for southern New England. Stay safe out there. Radar shows that Bridgeport has a few more minutes of dry weather.

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