Augusta, Georgia, to Bridgeport, Connecticut

This is going to be a hurricane hunting, sloppy road trip. The trip takes us up the eastern seaboard for about 2 days (a little less than a full second day). It’s an 847 mile trip, and our pace will be a fairly slow 60.1mph. This will translate into a first day that covers 481.2 miles. It’s a wet and wild adventure, so let’s be on our way!


Our first rainy day of travel will probably be the least rainy of the two days. This is not saying a lot. Expect Lee’s eastward track to help organize moisture into an almost frontal pattern. It will arrive in Augusta just as we are leaving, which means we will be able to outpace the rain on I-95 for the bulk of our time in the Carolinas, though there will probably be a few frontrunners that dampen our windshield at some point. Rain will really begin to pick up north of Smithfield, North Carolina, but still with the prefrontal showers. Real rain is possible by the time we get to Richmond, but we should make it to Ladysmith, Virginia before the heavy rain arrives.

Lee’s remnants will bring a ton of rain to the Appalachians and Catskills just off to the west, but in major metro areas, it doesn’t always take a lot of rain to cause problems in major metro areas, and we are driving through DC, Philadelphia, northern New Jersey and the heart of the Bronx. As I said, the heaviest rain will not follow us into Bridgeport, but threat for rain, and maybe even a rumble of thunder will accompany us all the way to Bridgeport.