Fort Wayne, Indiana

Today we have a forecast back in the ol’ Midwest. It’s been a while for me hasn’t it? I wonder if there’s a Danville, Indiana…

At 3:54pm EDT, the temperature at Ft. Wayne, IN was 77 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. These clouds are breaking up pretty quickly, however, and should lead to a rather pleasant night tonight over the region with temperatures dipping into the mid-50s. Heck, that might even be a tad brisk tomorrow morning when you go out to get your papers the way this summer has been going. High pressure over the region is going to keep Northern Indiana dry for the day tomorrow with just a few clouds expected during the day. Tomorrow night, a warm front will start to approach the area as a system develops tonight into tomorrow over the Upper Midwest. Clouds will be on the increase tomorrow night and during the early morning hours on Wednesday, a few showers/thunderstorms are possible ahead of it. Warmer and more humid air will push into the region on Wednesday behind the warm front, making for dew points in the 60s up from their current levels in the low 50s. While Wednesday midday should be on the quiet side, the accompanying cold front is anticipated to swing through during the late evening hours. Showers and thunderstorms look to hit the area during the this time frame, and don’t count out the chance of some of these becoming strong to severe as well. If you happen to have a couple days off coming up, enjoy the Tuesday weather, since Wednesday looks to be a roller-coaster type of day over the Great Lakes region.

Tuesday: Sunny to start, increasing clouds. High 83, Low 55.
Wednesday: Morning showers/isolated tstm, evening thunderstorms more likely. High 87, Low 63.

TWC: Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 85, Low 56.
Wednesday: Scattered thunderstorms and windy. High 89, Low 64.

AW: Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 80, Low 55.
Wednesday: Warmer with a thunderstorm. High 89, Low 64.

NWS: Tuesday: Sunny. High 83, Low 52.
Wednesday: Scattered showers and thunderstorms starting after 2am. High 86, Low 63.

WB: Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 81, Low 55.
Wednesday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 87, Low 62.

Here we see some scattered clouds over the Great Lakes, but nothing to write home about. Wednesday will see a lot more activity. And in the waaaaaay in the lower right hand corner, we see our first hurricane of the 2011 season, Irene, making it’s way north of Hispaniola.

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