Monroe, Louisiana to Benton Harbor, Michigan

Today we embark on a 851 jaunt northward from Monroe, LA to Benton Harbor, MI. Only a 2 day trip, and each day is pretty manageable.


Some patchy dense fog is possible in the morning over the region with some scattered clouds, but shouldn’t be of any issue by the time we head on out mid-morning. High pressure is working it’s way over the MS River Valley, so unless you’re allergic to bright sunshine, the entire trip should be high and dry and easy-going. We stop in Sikeston, MO for the end of the 1st day.


Some showers are possible over western Missouri, but are expected to linger off in that part of the state. Our route, however, is still under influence of high pressure! Pretty much the only headache we’ll encounter today will be getting through the traffic around around south Chicago. But we should make it through there during the early afternoon and avoid rush hour. Easy two-day trip!