Danville, Virginia

I was just forecasting for here last month. I guess this state likes me or something.

At 8:53PM EDT, the temperature in Danville, VA was 74 degrees under fair skies. A slow-moving area of low pressure is creeping through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast States, continuing the deluge over that part of the region. Most of the showers in VA currently are hanging off towards the east and slowly dissipating as nighttime takes hold and the low continues its’ slow migration up the coast. With high pressure starting to shift over the OH/TN Valley tomorrow, conditions will be improving tomorrow for the Southern Appalachians. There might be some low clouds still lingering in the area during the morning, but should be scoured out pretty quickly in the morning, making way for bright sunshine. Wednesday looks to be more of the same as high pressure continues to sit over the region, creating yet another lovely day for the area.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 87, Low 60.
Wednesday: Sunny and gorgeous. High 90, Low 59.

TWC: Tuesday: Sunny. High 88, Low 62.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 89, Low 62.

AW: Tuesday: Mostly sunny and delightful. High 88, Low 62.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny and nice. High 89, Low 59.

NWS: Tuesday: Sunny. High 88, Low 62.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 89, Low 64.

WB: Tuesday: Sunny. High 88, Low 63.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 88, Low 63.

Here we see the swath of clouds from the Mid-Atlantic up to New England, dumping heavy rains over the region. Luckily these are all shifting out of the region!

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