Columbia, Missouri to Spartanburg, South Carolina

Isn’t there a closer Columbia for Spartanburg residents to welcome guests from? Neither city is on a major interstate, and the trip will take a day and a half and cover 784 miles. Our pace will be about 62.1mph, which is rather slow, but not egregiously so. We will cover 496.9 miles on the first day in the car, which will leave us just a few hours to Spartanburg on Sunday.


The heat is building into the center of the country, and this will be especially true in Missouri and Illinois. The Gulf will pump moisture north that will begin to rise convectively almost as soon as the system arrives on shore. Some of those storms will make it’s way as far north as Tennessee. The threat for storms will come as we arrive in about Clarksville, Tennessee and stay with us for the rest of our drive. We will make it to Boma, Tennessee. There will be a chance, as I said, for wet weather, but truth be told, the heaviest weather will be south of our route.

The drive will be OK to begin, since the thunderstorms activity will taper off over night, but the Smokeys that we have to pass through will be a good instigator for a few more thunderstorms Sunday. Don’t be surprised if we see some wet weather between Knoxville and Asheville, North Carolina. The wet weather will not follow us, however, from Asheville to Spartanburg, and we should expect some nice, hot weather in Spartanburg for our arrival.