Changes to Victoria-Weather

It’s probably nothing that you have noticed, unless you pore intently over the site every day, but on the top bar, there is a new tab entitled “request a forecast”. So I don’t have to repeat myself, here is what it says on the page:
“Fill out the form below in order to request a private forecast. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible, usually within an hour or two. Please be aware that there is a nominal fee, depending on the type of forecast you need. We look forward to hearing from you!”
As you will note, I mentioned a form. It is a brief, 4 question form so we can find out what kind of forecast you may need and then do what it takes to get you your forecast as soon as possible. Because of the nature of our site and this methodology, we recommend using our service for longer range forecasts, such as the 2 day site forecasts or road trips we feature on the blog.
Additionally, we are seeking advertisers! If you or your company is interesting in featuring your brand on our site, please contact us at in order to submit a bid or inquire about rates. We had nearly 20,000 hits in the past calendar year, so it is worth at least a small investment!
That’s it for my sales pitch, we’ll be back to the real weather by tomorrow!