This is it, our last country feature in the history of our site’s history, and we will end it all with Morocco, on the northwestern coast of Africa, just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. There is a surprisingly wide array of climate types in Morocco, from the north and west coasts, which primarily have a Mediterranean climate. The Atlas Mountains are steep and high enough that there is a wintry climate there, with temperatures often dipping below freezing, with snow falling in the winter. The most famous part of the country’s climate is perhaps the Sahara. Some of the worlds tallest dunes are found in Morocco on the eastern side of the Atlas mountains and south into their occupied territory of Western Sahara.
The Moroccan meteorological service is known as the Direction de la Météorologie Nationale. As you might be able to tell, French is the primary language in Morocco and on the website. Still, it’s easy just by looking at the site to find the radar and satellite pages, which are better than most sites in Africa. OF course, right now things are fairly quiet, but the Moroccan radar can light up with thunderstorms, usually along the mountains.
That’s it! That’s the country feature. If you have any ideas for the future of the site, please let us know!