We only have two nations left in our country feature, and tonight’s is the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is far enough south that they can see some tropical waves pass over the island. They are due east of Brisbane, Australia, so they are in more of a subtropical latitude, but surrounded by water as they are, Vanuatu’s cool season isn’t all that cool, and the dry season isn’t all that dry. Tropical season is from December to April, so it just ended.
Vanuatu Meteorological Services features 7 observation stations and a staff of 8. Their website has forecasts for all the islands in the country on the main page, as well as options to look at the local satellite. There is an area to click and see the current pressure charts (of which the gradient is nonexistent right now). It’s a fairly basic site right now, but I suspect it gets a little busier during tropical season.