Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it’s officially known, makes up most of the Arabian Peninsula, sharing it with Yemen, Oman, and the U.A.E. Most of the eastern and southern halves of the country are dominated by desert, and seemingly only western portions of the country (which contain 2 different mountain ranges) get more than 20″ of precip a year. Places along the Persian Gulf experience some of the highest dew points in the world, with normal temperatures often cracking 100-110 degrees and dew points well into the 80s at times (a temp of 110 and dew point of 85 produces a Heat Index of a brain-blistering 145 degrees. Yikes.). Not exactly what one would think of when thinking of a country with the largest continuous sand area, but alas, there we have it. Only 2% of the country contains arable land, which greatly explains why 70% of the exports of the country is oil.
The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment is the country’s governing body, and has an operational website. However, I am not an expert of Arabic, so I cannot go into much detail about the site.