Joplin, Missouri to Michigan City, Indiana

Before we get underway with the Road Trip, I wanted to touch upon the devastating tornado outbreak last night. As of right now, the death toll stands at 249, making it the third deadliest tornado outbreak to hit the US… ever. There were well over 100 tornadoes reported, but the problem was that very strong tornadoes hit major towns. One in particular tracked from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham Alabama, but other towns like Huntsville, Chattanooga, Rome and others experienced major damage and/or fatalities yesterday. CNN is a good source for some of the aftermath, and the Weather Service out of Birmingham is doing surveys all day today of the widespread destruction, as well as across Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas, however Alabama got hit the hardest.
Anyways, on to the trip at hand.
It’s going to be a 615 mile journey that is supposed to last 10 hours and 2 minutes. The general rule of thumb is to have 8 hour days, with a 2 hour leeway, which means a 10 hour drive would still be a 1 day trek. On that technicality, I should be chopping this drive into an 8 hour day and a 2 hour, 2 minute day. But come on. We’re doing this in a day. At that rate, we’re going to average about 61.3mph. Let’s get underway, we have a long day in the car!

The back end of the system that has caused so much devastation in the southeast is providing some low clouds and drizzle across the lower Ohio Valley today. Even that, however, will pull off to the east by the time we depart for Michigan City. A ridge will build into the center of the country as we drive tomorrow, bringing about warmer temperatures and sunny skies. Hopefully we can find something to do on the shores of Lake Michigan.