A difficult forecast well handled

Spring time systems are generally very strong. On the northern end, you can count on some snow, and on the south, you very well know there will be changes in temperature usually ushered in by potentially strong thunderstorms. Even with a clash of air masses like this, the general forecast isn’t really that big a mystery. Well, not until you get really close to the actual center of low pressure. Will the low pass to the southeast, keeping the city cold and rainy? Will it be to the northwest, meaning some rain early, then a warm up, followed by some thunderstorms? Will the warm and cold front be occluded by the time the low arrives? Well, in the case of Jackson, Michigan, it was option two. It rained on Monday, with a pleasant warm up on Tuesday before a brief rumble of thunder (though Jackson was in a tornado watch for most of the afternoon). With all the potential variables in Jackson, Victoria-Weather’s top forecast, a good one at that, can only be seen as a coup.
Actuals: Monday – .18 inches of rain, High 53, Low 47
Tuesday – .03 inches of rain/thunderstorms, High 72, Low 47

Grade: B