7 inches in Elmira

The Presidents Day blizzard didn’t just stop in the Upper Midwest, but it brought a little bit more snow to western New York and our forecast site of Elmira than I had originally thought. As you can see, the city saw 7 inches of snow for the event, and I had called for 3-6″. Weatherbug was the only site that had a storm total, and they said 4-8″. If it was just a snow forecast, that would have been fine, but their temperature forecast was not so good. Accuweather came through with a top forecast for temperatures, and were able to correctly forecast that there was no snow to be had on Tuesday. Well played, Accuweather.
Actuals: Monday – snow (7 inches for the duration of the event), High 26, Low 10
Tuesday – High 21, Low 0

Grade: B