Missoula, Montana

Off to the northern Rockies tonight, and the tumultuous weather they render. This forecast may not be so good.

At 553PM, MT, Missoula was reporting a temperature of 32 degrees with snow and overcast skies. With the remnants of a system that moved through the area still afflicting far western Montana, there was enough lifting over the mountains to bring Missoula and surrounding communities some snow. A jet running west to east over northern Rockies was aiding in the continued snow fall for the region, particularly in the highest elevations.
A crook in the jet over British Columbia will aid in the development of an area of low pressure over Wyoming, leaving Missoula in one the classically snowy sectors of a winter storm, though total accumulations will be affected by elevation changes in the area. The good news is that this system now will be motivated to sink to the southeast, taking the snowfall with it, clearing Missoula out by Thursday morning. The heaviest snow will fall tomorrow morning in Missoula, with around a half a foot or more possible in and around the city. Temperatures near freezing will allay some of the accumulation totals because of the wetness of the snow. Another strong system arriving from the Pacific will induce some lee troughing and gusty winds late on Thursday.
Tomorrow- Snow, especially early, High 33, Low 23
Thursday – Cloudy early and late, with partly cloudy skies through the day, High 31, Low 17

TWC: Tomorrow – On and off snow showers early. Peeks of sunshine later (2-4 inches). High 30, Low 21
Thursday – Snow showers developing in the afternoon. High 30, low 18

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy and colder with a little snow (2-4 inches) High 29, Low 17
Thursday – Cloudy (late snow) High 26, Low 12

NWS: Tomorrow – Snow showers, mainly before 11am (2-4 inches) High 29 Low 21
Thursday – A 30 percent chance of snow. Cloudy High 32, Low 13

WB: Tomorrow – Snow showers likely in the morning…then chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Chance of snow 80 percent. 1-4 inches total accumulation High 32, Low 22
Thursday – Cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow High 32, Low 15

I am perplexed as usual by this Montana forecast. Watch all of us be off by 30 degrees. I’m not so sure about the lows put out there for Thursday night, but… I’m not sure about anything. The Missoula area is blanketed in flurries right now.

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