The Week Ahead: 9/12/10-9/18/10

It’s a western themed week that will be light on forecasting. Let’s peruse.

Sunday – Longview, Washington
Monday – Lawton, Oklahoma
Wednesday – Billings, Montana
Thursday – Road Trip from Billings to Abilene, Texas

2 thoughts on “The Week Ahead: 9/12/10-9/18/10”

  1. What web site would I look up for weather and moon phases for Wisonsin! I’m a deer hunter and I’d like to know both the weather and the phases of the moon

  2. Mike: The best site I have found for moon phases is the Old Farmer’s Almanac Calendar, found here:
    Obviously, you can enter your own location, but the moon phase will be almost the same no matter where you are. As for weather, feel free to let us know where and when you need the forecast for, and we can create a forecast for you for a nominal fee! (Check the “Buy a Forecast” button at the top of the page for further details) Thanks for the inquiry!
    – V-W

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