Fort Wayne, Indiana to Bismarck, North Dakota

I have lived in Lafayette, Indiana and Minot, North Dakota, but I have no record of either end point on our trip. That said, this two day, 994 mile trip will cover a lot of familiar ground for me. We’ll travel at a rate of 61.9mph and we’ll split the mileage nearly in half, going 495 miles on the first day.


This is road trippin’ weather if you ask me. I’m used to the long drives with temperatures in the 90s, humid with either the windows down or the AC blasting. It’s going to be hot through Chicago and parts of southern Wisconsin. Temperatures will begin to cool down with increasing clouds in the center of that state. By the time we reach Eau Claire, we may see some light showers or one of the isolated thunderstorms that will go up in northern Wisconsin, but we won’t have much further to go. Menomonie will be the stop Monday night.

The Tuesday trip may be a little long if we get a thunderstorm overnight in Menomonie, but we shouldn’t have issues because of the weather. The drive through Minnesota will be down right enjoyable. It always seems unfair that you have to drive for about three more hours when you hit the North Dakota line to get to Bismarck, but such is life. It will be hot and dry in North Dakota’s capital when we arrive.