Urban Tornadoes

There’s an age-old myth that tornadoes don’t strike urban areas, and for the most part it’s pretty true. When you take into account the relative size of an urban area, or the downtown area of a major city more specifically, it pales in comparison to the amount of area around it. The downtown area of a city might encompass 2-8 square miles, meanwhile everywhere within a 1 hour drive, say a 75mile radius, covers over 17,500 square miles. Also since tornadoes are usually very small, you can see the tiny percentage an urban area might cover. However, just because it’s tough for Mother Nature to take aim, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Minneapolis had a brief tornado roll through the downtown area just last summer. A couple days ago Fargo, ND saw a tornado hit the north side of town briefly in the middle of the night. On Sunday evening, a line of thunderstorms rolled through the New York City area and a confirmed tornado was sighted in the Bronx and rolled along for a little over half a mile, injuring 7 but thankfully no loss of life. What urban area will be the next on the list? Looks like the Dakotas are under the gun today, we’re looking at you Pierre!